ROLL 48. A.R.H.S. Excursion to Port Melbourne, Windsor & Warragul, 16th June 1968.


All photos Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


Scanned Negatives


48-01. Port Melbourne.


48-02. Port Melbourne.


48-03. B60. Port Melbourne.


48-04. Near Windsor.


48-05. Near South Yarra. It was arranged for the special to parallel the Harris suburban train as far as Caulfield so that fans could photograph and film the special on the way. I stayed on the special and photographed the Harris. Considering that there are preserved Swing-door trains and no preserved Harris trains, it was fortunate.


48-06 Near Hawksburn.


48-07. Near Hawksburn.


48-08. Near Hawksburn.


48-09. Near Hawksburn.