ROLL 49. A.R.H.S. Excursion to Fyansford 6th July 1968.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


49-1. D3 639. Tottenham. This East-South connection to the Sunshine-Newport line was completed two years previously. Beware of poles.


49-2. D3 639. Tottenham.


49-3. Near Tottenham. Taken from the bridge in 49-2, a 4-car Tait set can be seen heading towards Tottenham Station from Sunshine. This scene is quite different today.


49-4. D3 639. Manor Ballast Quarry (Near Little River). For a more recent view, click here.


49-5. D3 639. Manor Ballast Quarry (Near Little River). I hate poles. For a more recent view (with less poles), click here.


49-6. D3 639. Near North Geelong.


49-7. K164. North Geelong.



49-8. l-r; W258, T3?? & T???. Geelong. Now why did I take this picture? Maybe it was to show the empty coalstorage bins, or the I-trucks loaded with coal, or the diesel roads? Never mind itís done and the scene is unrepeatable.


49-9. K183. Geelong.


49-10. l-r; W249, T397 & K183. Geelong.


49-11. l-r; K156, J550 & K1??. Geelong.


49-12. l-r; R753, R711, R707 & K156. Geelong.


49-13. K176. Geelong.


49-14. K183. Geelong.


49-15. D3 639. Geelong.


49-16. D3 639. Geelong.