ROLL AB. Werribee, Warragul-Moe, Somerton & South Dynon. 1974.


All photos Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


AB-01. S307. Werribee.


AB-02. Y168. Werribee.


AB-03. Y168. Werribee.


AB-04. L1158. Warragul-Moe.


AB-05. L1158. Warragul-Moe.


AB-06. X44 & GM31. Somerton.


AB-07. X44 & GM31. Somerton.


AB-08. X44 & GM31. Somerton.


AB-09. X44 & GM31. Somerton.


AB-10. X37. Somerton.


AB-11. X37. Somerton. Note the remains of the old Somerton station platform. Nowadays, Somerton is on the electrified line to Craigieburn and called Roxburgh Park.


AB-12. S313. Somerton.


AB-13. R707. East Ballarat-Warrenheip.


AB-14. R707. East Ballarat-Warrenheip.


AB-15. R707. Bungaree. Note the Automatic Staff Exchanger set up between the platform track and the mainline.


AB-16. R707. Bungaree.


AB-17. R707. Bungaree.


AB-18. R707. Bungaree.


AB-19. Y153, Y1??, Y13? & B??. South Dynon.


AB-20. L1163, L11??, Y117. South Dynon.


AB-21. South Dynon.

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