ROLL 89. A.R.E. Excursion to Picola, 26th July 1969. Woodend & Daylesford, 10th August 1969.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


89-1. K184 & R707. Near Seymour.


89-2. K184 & R707. Goulburn Valley Line. The “Nice Location” seen in Roll 80-15 now with a train.


89-3. K184 & R707. Goulburn River Bridge.


89-4. K184 & R707. Toolamba. The R was detached here and returned to Seymour.


89-5. K184 & R707. Toolamba.


89-6. K184. Numurkah-Picola.


89-7. K184. Numurkah-Picola.


89-8. K184. Near Nathalia.


89-9. K184. Numurkah-Picola.


89-10. K184. Numurkah-Picola.


89-11. K184. Picola.


89-12. K184. Picola.


89-13. K184. Picola.


89-14. B83 & Y175. Woodend.


89-15. B83. Woodend.


89-16. T341. Daylesford.


89-17. T341. Daylesford. Such a nice picture I had to take it twice?


89-18. Daylesford. The track to the left is the remnant of the line to Newlyn and Ballarat.


89-19. Daylesford. The white timber baulks at bottom centre of picture is the end of the track that was once the line to Newlyn. The formation of that line can be seen swinging over to the right of the main line to Carlsruhe.


89-20. Daylesford. Formation of line to Newlyn.


89-21. Daylesford. Remnant of Line to Newlyn, bridge over Jubilee Lake.