ROLL 36. Murtoa, Stawell and Ararat, 8th January 1968.


All photos Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


36-1. J542. Murtoa.


36-2. J542. Murtoa. What was the overhead maintenance wagon (OH27) doing here? Bridge maintenance?


36-3. J525. Murtoa. One year later I photographed this engine awaiting scrapping at Bendigo. See Roll 70-9.


36-4. J542. Stawell.


36-5. K190. Stawell.


36-6. K190. Stawell.


36-7. K190. Stawell.


36-8. J542. Stawell.


36-9. J542. Stawell.


36-10. J542. Stawell.


36-11. J542. Ararat Loco.


36-12. J539, J540 & J541. Ararat Loco.


36-13. J545. Ararat Loco. It was really quite an impressive shed once. Unfortunately, I only saw it when it was well and truly in decline.


36-14. J503. Ararat Loco. Note the side-boards. As far as I know, this was the only J left that had them. J529, which was the one J-Class I never spotted, also had them but they were removed in 1964.


36-15. l-r; J508 (just), J534 and J542. Ararat Loco.


36-16. J508. Ararat Loco.


36-17. J Probably 532. Ararat Loco.


36-18. J532 and another J. Ararat Loco.


36-19. J545 Ararat Loco. I rode behind this engine on the 9:10 am Spencer St. to Dimboola passenger train, from Horsham to Dimboola two years earlier. It was my first ride behind a steam-hauled scheduled passenger train and I thought I would never have another ride like it again in Victoria. Twenty-nine years later, I caught the 9:55 pass to Geelong hauled by R761. Life is full of surprises.


36-20. L-R J549, T337, K163, J531, K157. Ararat Loco and its 85 foot turntable. You can just see the top of the famous coaling tower above K157s cab.


J549 deserves a special mention, as it was the last steam engine to haul a mainline revenue train for the Victorian Railways 16th May 1972.


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