ROLL 112. A.R.E. Excursion to Stratford, 14th March 1970.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.


112-1. Drouin-Warragul.


112-2. Warragul. Despite the fact that the line to Neerim and Noojee was closed in 1958 and lifted a few years after, the sign on the right still informs intending passengers for that line to disembark and change to the Road Service. Was it tradition, or just a reluctance to admit the reality of a diminished rail service?


112-3. L1153, L1165 & L11??. Warragul.


112-4. Warragul.


112-5. L1170. Warragul. The Gippslander.


112-6. L1170. Warragul. The Gippslander continues its journey to Traralgon where it will change to a diesel locomotive for the rest of the way to Bairnsdale.


112-7. Near Darnum. A favourite place for a photo-stop. See Roll 18-5 where, on another trip to Stratford, a different kind of train was photographed here.


112-9. Moe-Morwell. The “Haunted Hills” was another favourite spot.


112-10. B85 & L1174. Traralgon.


112-11. B85. Rosedale-Kilmany. The view from the top of the Princess Highway bridge is excellent.


112-12. B85. Rosedale-Kilmany.


112-13. B85. Rosedale-Kilmany.


112-14. B85. Rosedale-Kilmany.


112-15. T333. Sale.


112-16. T333 & B85. Sale.


112-17. Sale.


112-18. B85. Sale.


112-19. B85. Sale.


112-20. B85. Stratford. Avon River bridge.


112-21. B85. Tinamba.