ROLL A. The Early Days. Caulfield, Warragul, Colac, Jolimont Sidings, Melbourne Goods Yard & South Dynon.


All photos © Les Brown. Not to be used for Publication.



A-1. 321. Route 4D. Cnr. Waverley & Burke Rds., East Malvern. This was the first and last picture of a Melbourne tram I ever snapped for many years. It was taken with my plastic camera (Cost 4/11d – or 49c - bought from Coles in Carnegie) in March 1962. The biggest problem with it was that light leaked in as long as the shutter lever was depressed.


A-2. Caulfield. April 1962.


A-3. Caulfield. April 1962.


A-4. Caulfield. April 1962.


A-5. Caulfield. April 1962.


A-6. Caulfield. The semaphore signals and the centre track have gone, the long platform used for Caulfield Races special trains was shortened and the space is now a car park. But the Signal Box is still there. April 1962.


A-7. Warragul. August 1962.


A-8. Warragul. August 1962.


A-9. Warragul. August 1962.


A-10. Colac. June 1964. The rest of this Roll was taken with my brand new Kodak Instamatic 50.


A-11. Colac. June 1964.


A-12. Jolimont Sidings. January 1965.


A-13. Melbourne Goods Yard. January 1965.


A-14. South Dynon Locomotive Depot. January 1965. The old North Melbourne Loco Depot can be seen to the left of the engines. Demolition had started on the old steam engine depot when K188 ceremonially pulled part of the façade down the week before. I came back to pick up a souvenir (a soot encrusted brick which I still have) and a look at the replacement diesel depot.


A-15. S301. South Dynon Locomotive Depot. January 1965.


A-16. South Dynon Locomotive Depot. January 1965.


A-17. South Dynon Locomotive Depot. January 1965.


A-18. South Dynon Locomotive Depot. January 1965. Broad-Gauge Turntable.


A-19. Y123 & W256. South Dynon Locomotive Depot. January 1965. The Y had only recently taken over the role as “The Commissioner’s Engine” for inspections of Victorian Railways system from the steam locomotive - D3639. It would be a ridiculous understatement to say this scene has changed an awful lot.


A-20. South Dynon. January 1965. The standard gauge Carriage Sheds. “Southern Aurora” carriages on the left, “Intercapital Daylight” carriages on the right. The carriage cleaners resting between jobs.


A-21. North Melbourne. January 1965. The “Southern Aurora” coming in to dock at Spencer Street Station after cleaning at South Dynon.


A-22. North Melbourne. January 1965.


Me. 1963.


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